Careers at AD&V®



At AD&V®, we are looking for passionate, proactive, and conscientious candidates to join our team in Creating PLACES OF PURPOSE! If you’d like to be part of our amazing team, we want to meet you! Join us in our pursuit of designing Places of PURPOSE. Does this sound like you?

Passionate about making a positive impact.
Understand people and put them first in everything you do.
Responsible and trustworthy, and value loyalty and respect.
Proactive, resourceful, accountable and a good communicator.
Open-minded, willing to collaborate and learn from others, actively pursue personal and professional growth.
Storyteller, creative, and enjoy a fast-paced environment.
Entrepreneurial and business savvy.

We want you on our team!

AD&V team at project site visit.

The AD&V® Way

Our Vision is to positively transform people’s lives by designing Places of Purpose. Our Mission is to translate a client’s vision into a cohesive, user-centric, and sustainable design solution.

Using design as a vehicle, we make a mark by enhancing people’s experience of the world and improving their lives. Our passion is to make a positive impact. Our legacy is to leave this planet better than we found it.

AD&V team team-building activity

People First

Life at AD&V® revolves around both personal and professional growth. We believe that if our people grow, our firm grows. We invest and reward our talent and share in their successes. AD&V® is committed to supporting all its team members in the pursuit of work-life balance.

AD&V team volunteering by picking up trash

AD&V® Cares

We believe in social responsibility. We have a responsibility to our planet and to our communities and we take this seriously. Our social impact is not limited to what can be done through design. We like to get out of the office, create initiatives, and participate in activities that contribute to the greater good.

We have participated in beach cleanups, tree plantings and trash challenges. We have initiated public education and awareness campaigns in our effort to save the planet. We even have an urban garden and make compost here at our own offices. We lead by example and hope our collective actions inspire others to do the same.

AD&V team posing for picture to promote equal opportunity in the workplace

A Place for Everyone

We employ universal design in all our projects. We believe everyone should have equal opportunities to enjoy its surroundings and that start in the workplace. We encourage diversity and welcome candidates from all backgrounds. We understand that our differences foster innovation. AD&V® is an equal opportunity employer. We prohibit unlawful discrimination and all forms of harassment.

Available Positions

We’re actively looking to fill the following positions at our office in San Juan, PR.


  • Send us an email with your cover letter and resume to and we’ll be in touch! Do not send portfolios by mail as they cannot be returned. AD&V® will consider applications sent via email. We prefer letter-sized PDF files.

  • Our corporate headquarters are located on the second floor of the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino’s annex building, which is in the center of the Convention District in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    This awesome location provides the AD&V® Team access to nearby restaurants, event venues and the hotel’s shared amenities. These additional benefits are part of our efforts to encourage our team to maintain a good work-life balance.

  • AD&V® is committed to supporting all its team members in the pursuit of work-life balance.

    We offer the following benefits:

    • Competitive Salaries (Annual salary paid in semi-monthly installments)

    • Paid Time Off (15 days per year)

    • Sick Leave (14 days per year)

    • Paid Holidays

    • Paid Birthday Off

    • 8 Hours of Personal Time Off Per Year

    • Career Coaching

    • Corporate Laptop

    • Corporate Cellphone / Hotspot

    • Personal Goals Planning

    • Continued Education Allowance

    • Health Insurance Benefits

    • Performance Reviews (Merit Performance & Company Performance)

    • Twice a Year Bonus Opportunities (Christmas & Compensation Bonus)

    • Professional Development Expenses (both in-house opportunities & stipend)

    • Parking

    • Hybrid Workplace

    • AD&V® Team Building Activities

  • We care about our team members’ health and wellbeing. We recognize that staying healthy and maintaining a fitness routine is not always easy when life and its pressures take a toll. To encourage our team members to stay motivated and achieve their health and fitness goals, AD&V® will provide all full-time team members a limited reimbursement toward expenses related to health and wellness.

  • We also believe in and encourage a culture of growth. We want our team members to continue to grow both personally and professionally to reach their maximum potential. To foster this, we have created several initiatives and opportunities for life long learning to help each member of our team achieve their goals and dreams.

  • At AD&V® we DO embrace and encourage work/life balance. We have implemented the following initiatives available to all employees.

    Birthday Holiday: Birthdays are special days and what better way to gift our team members than to give them the opportunity to spend their birthdays doing what they love, with whom they love most. AD&V® provides a paid holiday to every full-time team member on their birthday.

    Personal Hours: We acknowledge that our team members need to have flexible personal hours and that sometimes they may refrain from taking days off because they need to work to provide for their families. A Personal Hours Policy gives our team members the benefit of 8 personal hours with pay per year to be used at their discretion.

    Summer Fridays: Spending time with family and friends re-energizes us, improves our lives and allows us to do our best work. To encourage AD&V®’s team members to have a life beyond the office, AD&V® provides Friday afternoons off during the summer months.

    Remote Work: We provide policies that allow for flexible work. In an industry that requires collaboration and teamwork to realize a quality product that meets the expectations of our clients, flexible work will only work when the entire team is committed to maintaining active and respectful communication with each other. This will ensure all team members can benefit from the remote work policy without adversely affecting other team members and the expected deliverables. AD&V®’s goal is to focus our job efforts towards obtaining positive outcomes and quality on time deliverables while encouraging a balanced life for all Team Members.