AD&V® Design Lab is the research and development arm of AD&V®.  The idea was born a few short months after Hurricanes Irma and María had devastated our Island—when it became all too clear how deep the need was to research, develop, and hone strategies in order to bolster the resiliency of our buildings and communities. 

Time is critical.

The multidimensional mess facing the world today will require innovative and holistic design solutions in short order. The pace of change is exponential, and emerging technologies may be the key to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. 

As designers, we want to design a better world for all.   

The AD&V® Design Lab supports our vision of positively impacting people’s lives by providing a space and platform from which to tackle emerging design problems, research innovative technologies, and develop creative solutions for the growing set of global challenges that deeply affect us all.  

Our lab provides a space for this exploration.  

The first AD&V® Design Lab members began to work on a analysis and vision for the future of Santurce, Puerto Rico.

The work was completed this year and will be featured in a new book titled My Santurce by Architect Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz, FAIA, published by Andelani Press and available for the public by December 2022.