PLACES OF PURPOSE | 2002 - 2017 is a coffee-table book that showcases the 15-year combined portfolio of the Puerto Rican husband-and-wife team, architect Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz and interior designer Cristina Villalón, who merged their previously separate architecture and interior design practices to create Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón® (AD&V®).

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About the Book

This book was in the works even before Hurricane María devastated the duo’s home island of Puerto Rico—but its passing made it imperative that they finish and publish the book as planned. What is most impressive about the body of work chronicled within is that most of the projects that comprise this stunning portfolio were designed and completed during Puerto Rico’s 11-year ongoing recession. Beyond the beautifully photographed images lies a story of resilience, perseverance, and pride: each project tells a powerful and moving individual story of self-realization. Against all odds, this husband-and-wife team has not only managed to sustain their design firm throughout the turmoil but simultaneously, has built around them a solid staff and thriving office culture that has allowed them to expand their business and export their creative services—with clients as far away as Dubai—while evolving as thought leaders in their own industry and beyond. AD&V® has donated all the earnings received from the sale of this book to Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico. With this donation, AD&V® further encourages the development of affordable housing in Puerto Rico, which will be a key driver in Puerto Rico’s reconstruction efforts.

Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz & Cristina Villalón.

About the Authors

Award-winning husband-and-wife team of architect Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz and Interior Designer Cristina Villalón are the founders of Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón®, the largest architecture and interior design firm in Puerto Rico. Together they have teamed up for the last fifteen years to conceive a set of exemplary projects, a selection of which is captured in this book through its multitude of beautiful images. Ricardo and Cristina’s work is not merely about solving immediate problems. They aim to the future with great responsibility, addressing the importance of place and place-making with aesthetic and ethical devotion.

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About Andelani Press

Due to the success of the first edition of Places of Purpose, we decided to publish a second edition under the new publishing company Andelani Press. Founded in 2019, Andelani Press is a Publishing company that publishes Books with Purpose, books we deeply care about. Andelani Press serves as a vehicle to make visible works by local or unknown authors in order to immortalize their work. Andelani Press cares about design, art, people, business, personal growth, history, Puerto Rico, family, and special moments.

Andelani Press is led by architect Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz, interior designer Cristina Villalón, and Associate Partner Carla Joan González.

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