Who We Are

We are architects and interior designers. We are passionate about design, loyal to our customers, efficient in everything we do, and socially conscious to the core.

Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón® is dedicated to sustainable architecture and interior design that enhances people’s experience of the world and improves their lives. Founded in 2001 and spearheaded by the award-winning husband-and-wife team of architect Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz and Interior Designer Cristina Villalón, AD&V® has become one of the most innovative architecture and interior design firms in Latin America.

The firm has garnered national attention for its holistic approach, forging a reputation in design that is both environmentally responsible and richly appealing to the senses. We are known for our high standards and inspiring designs, as well as for our efficient and professional business practices and personalized service.

Our portfolio includes multifamily, residential, hospitality, commercial, institutional, and retail work. We serve our clients from offices in San Juan and Miami.

    • United Nations Global Compact

    • United Nations Association of the United States of America | Puerto Rico Chapter

    • Puerto Rico Architects and Landscape Architects Association (CAAPPR)

    • Colegio de Diseñadores y Decoradores de Interiores de Puerto Rico (CODDI)

    • U.S. Virgin Islands Board of Architects License

    • Florida State Board of Architecture and Interior Design

    • New York State Board – Architecture

    • National Council of Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB)

    • American Institute of Architects (AIA)

    • International Interior Design Association (IIDA)

    • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

    • Urban Land Institute (ULI)

    • Urban Land Institute Foundation (ULI Governor)

    • Puerto Rico Builders Association (ACPR)

    • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

    • Young Presidents Organization (YPO)

    • Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

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    To translate a client’s vision into a cohesive, user-centric and sustainable design solution.

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    To positively transform people’s lives by designing Places of Purpose.

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    Live, Work & Design the
    AD&V Way!

AD&V team posing for picture at community service activity


Make a difference, keep growing, stay humble.

Living the AD&V® core values, means striving to make a positive difference in this world, yearning to grow personally and professionally each and every day while staying humble in the process, aspiring to balance work and family life, and expressing gratitude for every new day and opportunity. These are the values that guide our actions. They are our guiding principles.



People first, own it, bring solutions.

Working the AD&V® Way is not just about getting the job done, it’s much more than that. It’s about starting with the user in mind and putting people first always. It means treating people with respect and going above and beyond, exceeding expectations. It means taking ownership of our work and actions, learning from our failures, and focusing on solutions instead of problems. Working the AD&V® way is beneficial in our personal lives as well as for the success of the firm.

AD&V team meeting at conference room
rendering of the bermuda redevelopment project


Holistic, intentional, sustainable.

Employing universal design principles, providing innovative solutions that allow our designs to get built, and making sustainable design choices should all be part of our DNA. As we tackle all design projects, we need to keep in mind the bigger picture and why we go the extra mile. Our work matters. People matter. Intentional, sustainable, well-coordinated, cohesive, and thought-out plans will permit our designs to make a positive impact on people, our communities, and our planet. This means enhancing people’s experience of the world and improving their lives.

Residence Inn by Marriot Isla Verde render.


We approach each project as a partnership of shared vision and passion, following a collaborative process that is mutually beneficial for our clients and the firm.

Collaboration is a driving force at AD&V®. Our entire team gets involved at the initial stage of every project. We work closely with each other and in partnership with our clients to ensure they get the best results. Our integrated practice offers experts in key areas including architecture, interior design, and green initiatives.

We do not impose a style on our clients. We listen to their concerns, identify their pain points and use our expertise to provide functional and efficient solutions and designs. Throughout the design process, we are conscious of the financial realities that can shape projects. We understand our design has to be cost-effective and realistic in order to be successful.

We are conscientious global citizens in a world of limited resources that our collective actions threaten to exhaust. We believe that, as architects and designers, it is our duty to make more responsible choices with our designs. We must walk the walk and live and work by sustainable practices. Every responsible choice that we make—or help our clients make—is our small-yet-significant way of contributing to the greater good.

rendering of new AD&V headquarters - studio


Our offices are a showroom for the benefits of green initiatives. Sustainable buildings are better for people and for the planet. But they also are better for our bottom line.

Energy efficiency saves money, but there is another aspect that makes sustainability more profitable. When a place of work has the right amount of light—not too bright, not too dark—and the right temperature—neither too cold nor too hot—team members can focus on their jobs and be more productive. In addition, their experience of their workplace and their jobs is improved, resulting in a better quality of life. Happy employees are productive employees.

rendering of new AD&V headquarters - lobby/entrance


Act No. 20 of 2012, known as the Act to promote the exportation of services, provides attractive tax incentives for companies that establish and expand their export services businesses from Puerto Rico. Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón® (Álvarez-Díaz + Group, PSC) can share with our clients the benefits of only paying 4% tax for all exporting services designed on the island and was the first architecture and interior design firm to offer this advantage.