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TNGDA ~ Private College Service PG Stipend/Salary issue

Dear Friends,*The TNGDA has taken up the demand of Service Pg studying in private medical colleges for full salary. The file is under process.*On TNGDA request, Govt  agreed in principle for giving full salary and after the acceptance by the finance dept...


Private College - Service PGs Stipend

TNGDA agitation for Full Pay for service PGs.. Success. ..TNGDA  calls for OP Boycott on 03.11.2015 at Annamalai University Medical College with an interim demand for immediate payment of...


DME Side Promotion

DME Side Promotion Counseling  for Associate Professor posts will be on 28.10.2015.

- State President / State Secretary.


Post Detail

TNGDA Meeting with Health Secretary on 8.5.2012 - Details


The Principal Secretary, Health and FW has convened a meeting of the TNGDA along with JS, Finance, DME and DMRHS on 8.5.2012 at the Conference Hall, Secretariat, Chennai on the issue of implementation of G.O. 354 and related issues.

The TNGDA was represented by its state cabinet and the TNGDA Committee.

 TNGDA presented its demand for speedy implementation of G.O. 354 and grant all the accepted allowances. The JS Finance, on behalf of the Govt. sais that 354 cannot be implemented further in the present form but the intent of the G.O. – viz-a-viz Time Bound promotion will be honoured. Govt. proposal for modification are:

Time Bound Promotion at 8, 15, 17 and 20 years at Pb3 5700, 6600, 7600 and Pb4 8700 respectively.

Orders will be given in the existing posts revising scale to the next scale from the date of completion of the mentioned years. Dean, DDHS, JDHS and RAMO will issue the orders. No panel, No counseling, No transfer, No crucial date required.

All those promoted earlier than the mentioned years will be reverted to the scale for which they are eligible. Recovery of the salary given will NOT be done.

HS opined that the Duty exemption for CCS completed 20 years in DMS side cannot be implemented as such as this causes hardships in many centers. Duty exemption based on institutions (upto 10 to 15%) in each institution only is possible. TNGDA to prepare institution wise duty free posts that can given based on total doctors.

Private Practice will be permitted to all categories – including ESI MOs. Only administrative officers are not allowed. RMO, DD, JD, Dean, Supdt etc.

In DME side promotion will be given as per MCI norms and availability of vacancies (pre 354). But pay scales will be revised only at 8, 15, 17 and 20 years. Assistant Professor will be promoted from SR/Tutor on entry but will be given Pb3 5700 scale only after 8 years; Associate Professor will be promoted in 5 years if vacancy available) but will get Pb3 7600 scale only after 17 years. Professor can get designated at 9th year if vacancy available but get pb4 only after 20 years.

TNGDA requested lowering of no of years for Time Bound Promotion was turned down.

Arrears from date of G.O 23.10.2009 will be given based on their no of years of service; if eligible.

All agreed allowances will be considered.

The office bearers of TNGDA has assured to come back with its stand on the proposal of the Govt. after discussing it in the State EC.

 - - Dr K.Senthil MD, State President



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  • Post Date : 15-05-2012
  • By : Publisher