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Private College - Service PGs Stipend

TNGDA agitation for Full Pay for service PGs.. Success. ..TNGDA  calls for OP Boycott on 03.11.2015 at Annamalai University Medical College with an interim demand for immediate payment of...


DME Side Promotion

DME Side Promotion Counseling  for Associate Professor posts will be on 28.10.2015.

- State President / State Secretary.


Regularisation of doctors: TNGDA Request

1. DPH has announced a campaign for clearing the pending regularisation. **2. All left over drs (waiting for regularisation) in DME,DMS,DPH,ESI has to send a request letter thro proper channel and a copy marked to DPH (signed by the immediate boss - Dean, CMO, RAMO, DDHS)**3. All Districts...


TNGDA Events

TNGDA State EC Meet @ Thiruvannamalai on April 17th- AGENDA

TNGDA State EC Meet  will be on 17.04.2016 at Thiruvannamail

 Agenda -  << Draft to discuss at all district GBM & State EC>>

1.7nth Pay Commission Demands  >> Expert Committee to assist State Cabinet.

2.Maternal Mortality issue >> Agitation if harassed / Evaluation   >> New Protocol to be formed based on committee report comprising TNGDA Office bearers.

3.CEMONC Centres  >> Minimum with -  7 OGs + 4 Anaesthetist +4 Paed . More Specialists based on case load.  ** Restrict number of centres based on specialist availability.** 108 Ambulance Service  to be improved to mobilize high risk case.

4.Professor Re-fitment Process >> ** to speed up the process & ** Re-fitment for doctors with less than 20yrs Service

5.Allowance Sanction >> Final sanction order as agreed already.

6.One increment sanction for JR/Tutor to AP. Full promotional pay benefits under FR 22B as clarified earlier for all Time bound Promotions.

7.To Speed up Time Promotion Benefits Sanction at JD level ( in all districts).

8.Arrears Sanction based on GO 301 – in all directorates ** particularly in DMS/DPH doctors at CCS level.

9.BMO  in charge issue – Senior most person / based on recent guidelines.

10.Super specialists issue DME side : ** Organised Department should be formed for all Super specialty branches based on MCI Norms. ** Unfilled DMS side posts to be re-deployed to  DME Side for creation of organised Departments. ** SAP Sanction immediate after DM / Mch , since they already completed three years in DM/Mch – PG period.** Teaching experience for deputations & posting in other departments due to non-availability of posts in concern specialty.

11.Register Post >> CML Senior Degree / Diploma –AP/JR

12.Full Pay for Service PGs in Private College >> to speed up the process to sanction pay benefits based on recent GO & include 2014 – 15 batch also

13.Amendment of Transfer counselling GO : 131.

14.Withdrawal of Self Drawing officer status for Non-Administrative Posts in all directorates.( eg. CCS / Associat Professor / Professors).

15.Additional Marks for PG Entrance Exam – for DMS Casualty / CEMONC / RBSK – Mos.

16.DDHS review meetings >> should complete before 5 PM ** Plan of action >>If extends after 5 PM .

17.Restrictions  / Regulations – to second level (O/O DDHS )officers to inspect PHC & MOs activities.

18.Disciplinary action  Powers to BMOs.

19.MOs Completed 5 years total service  >> Promoted to MHO – on option >> later DDHS with required qualification.

20.Long distance deputation < more than 30 KMs > in PHC side to be stopped.

21.All Mos completed 20 years of service shall be exempted from PM & Casualty Duty.

22.Adequate Casualty MOs Sanction for – remaining 16 District HQ Hospitals.

23.To speed up – Medical Code Updating process.

24.Action to release CML 2016.

25.Separate quota / preference in TNPG Entrance exam – for Diploma holders to take Master degree in concern specialty  -- Like ** selection method followed during 1985 & ** preference to take DPH course for MHO/DDs &  ** Master Degree allotment in CMC Vellore for Diploma Canditates.

26.TNGDA Organisational Regaulations:-

** State level Convenor / Co-Convenor Posts Creation – for PHC Wing / Professor Wing / PG Wing.

** Starting of Super specialists wing.

** Members Database Updating  Process & publishing members list in website.

** Steps to Improve Members Subscriptions /  districts Subscriptions to State.

** Membership enrolment drive & Bar coded ID card for all members.

**  Drive to promote TNGDA – FSS in all districts by district office bearers.

>>> Dr.P.Balakrishnan. State Secretary.


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