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TNGDA ~ Private College Service PG Stipend/Salary issue

Dear Friends,*The TNGDA has taken up the demand of Service Pg studying in private medical colleges for full salary. The file is under process.*On TNGDA request, Govt  agreed in principle for giving full salary and after the acceptance by the finance dept...


Private College - Service PGs Stipend

TNGDA agitation for Full Pay for service PGs.. Success. ..TNGDA  calls for OP Boycott on 03.11.2015 at Annamalai University Medical College with an interim demand for immediate payment of...


DME Side Promotion

DME Side Promotion Counseling  for Associate Professor posts will be on 28.10.2015.

- State President / State Secretary.


Post Detail

Letter from President’s Desk ...No.2 Dated 23.09.2015

Letter from Presidents Desk ...

No.2 – 23.09.2015

Dr K.Senthil MD

State President - TNGDA  


Congratulations all of u, for being elected as the Prestigious TNGDA State EC members. There were many of our stalwarts  continuing their leadership and few first timers are coming in. Welcome friends. The newly elected office bearers (2015-17)

Friends, we take over as office bearers right in the monsoon - dengue season. As a responsible leaders we on one side motivate and  gear up all our Govt doctors for the fight against the dengue.


Friends, as Doctors we are the best in our field. We know our country and the constraints we have here with regard to hygiene and literacy. Though the onus of preventing the spread of dengue lies on us, it is a well known fact that it depends entirely on local bodies support. On the other side that we can't blame the local bodies which are already in funds crunch. So whenever necessary and wherever needed limited resources diversion is usually done.


We know that type 2/4 virulent dengue virus is isolated this year, we don't have a curative virucidal drug and just a supportive management and treatment of complications.


Our special efforts especially in 1.efficient fluid management 2. Avoidance of analgesics and steroids 3. Timely referral will save lot of lives. Of course experts among us will try and save the most complicated ones too.

As Govt. servants we have learnt to work to our best, with available infrastructure. Fluid management and timely referral are the 2 key job of general Doctors.

Investigations :

Only to diagnose - esply sick patients, complications if suspected.


Ofcourse, what the Govt and public expects from us is "an extra word of briefing" and "assurance " apart from our expertise. With the heavy work load, many a times we get exhausted and frustrated and seem to lose our cool. But friend in times of epidemic our prime duty is alleviate the feeling of panic in the community and also in individual patient.

Great profession - still the most respected: 

Remember friends, for the nobleness of our profession, in times of crisis like this, we raise up to the occasion.  Easy extra word with patients / attenders, public, press, will instill faith and AVOID panic.

Mosquito nets for suspected patients are absolutely essential.

Govt request:

Govt has requested us for alerting all our members for the fight against dengue.

Tngda is with u. Call us for assistance, support, infrastructure, harassment, medical and technical support. Assure every member of 24*7 support .

Okay friends. Gear up. We are ready. Yes . For the monsoon and dengue

Your sincerely,

Dr K.Senthil MD,

State President TNGDA


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  • Post Date : 27-09-2015
  • By : Publisher