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TNGDA ~ Private College Service PG Stipend/Salary issue

Dear Friends,*The TNGDA has taken up the demand of Service Pg studying in private medical colleges for full salary. The file is under process.*On TNGDA request, Govt  agreed in principle for giving full salary and after the acceptance by the finance dept...


Private College - Service PGs Stipend

TNGDA agitation for Full Pay for service PGs.. Success. ..TNGDA  calls for OP Boycott on 03.11.2015 at Annamalai University Medical College with an interim demand for immediate payment of...


DME Side Promotion

DME Side Promotion Counseling  for Associate Professor posts will be on 28.10.2015.

- State President / State Secretary.


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Letter from President’s Desk ...September 2015

Letter from Presidents Desk ...

Dr K.Senthil MD

State President   

Friends, Greetings.

I take it as a privilege to write to you and from now on I assure to post to you on various issues and the policies of TNGDA. This is one among other Public Relations step TNGDA wish to take in future. This way, our members can get direct information from TNGDA. I will continue to write to you on monthly basis on various issues.

New Forums for Govt. doctors:

Recently, some of our erstwhile colleagues have formed a new forum and have been spreading false messages and rumours among Govt. doctors for the sake of sensationalism and publicity. Tngda though thought of ignoring it initially, now feels that some falsehoods and misinformation are becoming viral and should not confuse our doctors and hence thought to counter misinformation and let our intelligent members to judge and decide.

New forums – is it necessary? Why?  Who wants it?

Some disgruntled ex-office bearers with repeated failures in TNGDA

Some members wanting a magical remedy (though it will not be possible) want to try

some who feel contempt on familiarity and routine faces in TNGDA wanting a change (not realising that in service associations and trade unions popular leaders and familiar faces will always be there for years)

for some to participate actively in choosing the off bearers directly

Friends, should these be the reasons for new forums? If an office bearer or teams of office bearers are not upto the mark, they could be changed in the next elections. Then, why a new forum? Instead of keep fighting from within, after their try for the last 8 years they have started a new forum. Their repeated failure in TNGDA was bcoz of their impractical ideas and hostile lackluster district level performances.  These 8 years they were violative of all TNGDA rules, never even sent any one district resolutions or not paid their annual subscriptions (even once). Inspite of their vociferous oratorical skills, didn’t succeed. Lastly, they blame the pattern of elections in TNGDA. Tngda follows the pattern of elections followed in majority of the service associations. Direct elections by members will make elections laborious and costly. (cost of IMA State President elections is approximately about 10-20 lakhs)

So, friends, there may differences in opinions, methodology, ideas but ultimately when it is for the service of our service doctors, we should always be one. Even when they were with us, they behaved independently and uncooperatively all these years. When some of them exceeded the limits, it damaged the image of our organization forcing us to act tough on in-disciplined activity as per by-laws. They responded in the dissident way and preferred to start a new forum. Please understand friends, this is definitely against the interests of govt. doctors.

TNGDA - time and again, has seen many associations crop up. But none proved the test of time. I personally am always open to welcome our old friends back into the fold. We will wait and see.

Friends, TNGDA (any service association) is run by funds from members in the form of subscriptions, membership fees, donations. It is surprising that  the new forum enrolls free and wonder from where they get the funds? Of course they should know that that will not make outsiders think that they spend from their pockets for their association expenses, on the contrary will lead to suspicion of political funding etc.

It's funny to see some people claim themselves to be straightforward and of high integrity. Integrity in a service association is being honest, non-corrupt, apolitical and non communal. In TNGDA, I vouch, that all office bearers maintain absolute honesty, integrity and have no political/ communal inclinations.

PHC union:

            - possibly due to lot of local pressures and frustrating for some of the PHC doctors. I can again surely say that no policy demands - pending for Phc MOs. We have passed resolutions for new demands in the PHC conference at Madurai last month.  Members feel stressed on day today issues with public, local leaders, officials, staff. Yes, we agree. That's the reason that many forums had been started in Phc side in the last 10 years. But remember friends, recently I saw a claim by the new group if they can enroll significant number as members, they can have a say in the 7th pay commission. This message sells with some of the members. I wonder that 90 % of Phc MOs are in PHC temporarily and would prefer to migrate to Dme or Dms side. Is that what those people want? Plz think if a higher scale for Phc Doctors over their counterparts in DME/DMS side, is what they demand?. Tngda has been fighting equal pay for all directorates. That's why we refused UGC scales for Dme side in last pay commission and instead got 354 (almost equal to UGC for every one. Another of their demand is for identification of BMO posts (notified posts?). It is an ill informed demand and will lead to panel/ transfers. Tngda has been always averse to identification of posts.

TNGDA Introspection:

I agree that there could have been some lethargy in some office bearers of at district level and state level on and off. But TNGDA was able to rise as one when demanded. When I took over as State Secretary in 2007 there were about 12000 members against the total of 15000 govt. doctors. Now its about 15000 members against 18000 govt. doctors. With increasing members, demands also raise.

We are doing a brain-storming analysis to raise our performance to the satisfaction of our members. I will discuss the decisions already taken and to be taken in my subsequent letters.

TNGDA and counseling:

            I acceot that the counseling violations had been a challenge everytime to us. Tngda had been and will continue to fight that. The sensitive issue on which the new forum strives to come in at the state level, is the counseling. But I should highlight that inspite of discrete counseling violations, TNGDA has achieved many issues on counseling in recent times.

* there were 3 transfer counseling AP – DME side

* and 2 Prof transfer counseling

* and 2 DMS and 2 DPH counseling in 2014.

* this year there was only one in DME side and DMS/DPH side

* a special counseling in DPH side for APMs and other members before this new MRB counseling.

* No – not even 1, violation in associate/ professor transfers last 2 years (though some 10 deputations were issued to favour some)

* vacancies shown in website last year and this year (first time in 3 decades)

* TNGDA does everything but unfortunately don’t publicize it.

For your information, this may (2015), none of the new forums even cared to know that counseling is due or going on. The new forum claiming to fight against counseling violations proudly claim to have got posting for 19 candidates. Our members should know that counseling violations can always be set right by re-counseling and not getting those 19 people by misrepresenting to the higher officials (many in that seem to have doubtful seniority credentials). 

TNGDA - for your memory:

Friends, Please remember its TNGDA who had got us many of our demands since 1969. Many illustrious leaders were there in TNGDA and were the pillars in developing this great organization. They taught us selfless service, honesty, integrity, and decorum. TNGDA achieved many things in the past – starting with weekly off, COL etc.   

 Friends, since I took over as the State Secretary of Tngda in 2007, with all your support, able to achieve many of our long pending demands.

* To name a few - Pb4 scales , Time Bound Promotions and consequent one lakh plus salary at least at 20 years, Professor fitments,  9-4 Phc timings, Hospital protection act, Doctors Arrest prevention GO, many allowances , some  1500 posts in Phc, 1000 posts in dms, casualty doctors in dms, medical recruitment board and speedier appointments, time bound Promotion powers to dean and JD+(shortly), arrears from date of completion in Dms and ohc side Doctors and in some medical college too, panchayat union regularisation (pending for 15 years), shifting the PD harassing our doctors, creating awards for Doctors by the Govt. and Tamilnadu medical Council, regularisation orders for almost all pre-MRB batches, duty-free for CCS in DMS side.

* Some important demands to be achieved shortly are updated medical code , clinical establish ment act. Some more allowances.

* Important old demands pending are CML uodate

* New demands are powers & allowances to BMO, casualty in all district hq hospitals, adalat for pending do cases against Doctors, Spl MRB qualifying exams for bond appointed willing PG members,

* Ongoing issues are panel preparation, Promotion and transfer counselling, transfer violations, PHC, DMS, DME, PGs.

I regret to say that this sensitive part of transfer violations is always weak spot to office bearers – letting members judge us and TNGDA with this idea in their mind. Having been at the top, I know this violations had been there for years, irrespective of the govt, (infact the Prof transfer violations is almost not there now) – and is difficult to stop unless our doctor colleagues stop indulging in such acts.

* Pending issues are Salary for service PGs in Private Colleges and All India quota students, lumpsum allowances –duty based for CEMONC/ Trauma care doctors, Priority counseling for doctors serving more than 2 years in said underserved areas etc

* Smaller issues like withdrawing an absurd COL circular recently,

* Apart from these demands, sensitive local issues concerning public, patient relatives, subordinate staff, officials are also being taken care of by TNGDA.

I am confident in saying there is not even single policy demand pending for more than a couple of years for our members.

Inspite of all these, the new groups are able to market their misinformations and tall claims, possibly bcoz of their pro activity in electronic media. Its time the Tngda starts telling its achievements. Yes – a good Public Relations wing will be developed shortly..

  I wish to state that with VII Pay Commission due in 2016, our unity is very important. We have lot of plans to get better entry scales, higher speciality scales, get TBP in lesser years, retain being at the top creamy layer of pb4 or its equivalent, significant impressive allowances among other things.

 Unity is Strength, your support is our strength.

 Your sincerely,

   Dr K.Senthil MD,

    State President TNGDA


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