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TNGDA ~ Private College Service PG Stipend/Salary issue

Dear Friends,*The TNGDA has taken up the demand of Service Pg studying in private medical colleges for full salary. The file is under process.*On TNGDA request, Govt  agreed in principle for giving full salary and after the acceptance by the finance dept...


Private College - Service PGs Stipend

TNGDA agitation for Full Pay for service PGs.. Success. ..TNGDA  calls for OP Boycott on 03.11.2015 at Annamalai University Medical College with an interim demand for immediate payment of...


DME Side Promotion

DME Side Promotion Counseling  for Associate Professor posts will be on 28.10.2015.

- State President / State Secretary.



Special Casual Leave - For Sterilization / IUCD Insertion

FR  Rules of Tamilnadu Govt  - Regarding “ Special Casual Leave “ eligibility  for  Sterilization ( Husband / Wife )  &  IUCD Insertion

11. Special Casual Leave not exceeding eight days may be granted to men Government servants who undergo sterilisation operation and twenty days to married women Government servants, who undergo non-puerperal sterilisatin operation during ordinary time, i.e., not immediately after confinement in any hospital in this state. 

[G.O. Ms. No. 702, Finance, (F.R.), dated 5th June 1973.]

Special Casual Leave for a period of six days may be granted to those employees of Government and Local Bodies including those employed in the aided educational institutions and also those covered by the provincialised work charged establishment who undergo vasectomy operation for the second time, in the event of failure of sterilisation operation, on production of Medical certificate to the effect that the first operation was a failure and that a second operation was actually performed.

[G.O. Ms. No. 323, Finance (F.R.-I), dated 20th March 1976.]

The leave to be sanctioned under this rule may be prefixed or suffixed or sandwiched with any kind of regular leave.

[G.O. Ms. 1356, Finance (F.R.-I), dated 22nd October 1974.]

Special Casual Leave not exceeding twenty days may be granted to married women Government servants who are appointed temporarily and who have not completed the period of one year service, when they undergo puerperal sterilisation operation.

[G.O. Ms. No. 229, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (F.R. III) Department, dated 10th March 1982—With effect from 14th September 1981.]

“Special Casual Leave not exceeding seven days shall be granted to a Government servant whose wife undergoes puerperal or non-puerperal sterilisation operation. This leave shall be granted only on the production of a medical certificate from the Medical Officer who performs of the Government servant is essential to look after his wife during her convalescence after such operation”.

[Vide G.O. Ms. No. 470, P&AR (FR.SPL), dated 14-11-1990 w.e.f. 20-1-1977.]

“Special Casual Leave not exceeding seven days shall be granted to a Government servant whose spouse undergone sterilisation operation for a second time in the event of the failure of the first operation.

(ii) The Special Casual Leave shall commence from the date following the date of such operation.”

[Vide G.O. Ms. No. 470, P&AR (FR.SPL) dated 14-11-1990 w.e.f. 16-3-1988.)

“(iii) The Special Casual Leave shall be granted by the Heads of Departments or as the case may be, the subordinate authorities who are competent to sanction regular leave”.

(Vide G.O. Ms. No. 264, P&AR (FR.SPL.), dated 24-7-1991 w.e.f. 22-2-1982.] 

12. Special Casual Leave for one day may be granted to married women Government servants, on written application for the Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device insertion. The special casual leave shall be sanctioned for the day of insertion of the Device.

(G.O. Ms. No. 105, Finance, dated 9th February 1968.)

Abstract From :

Page : 272 & 273 of  THE FUNDAMENTAL RULES OF THE TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT (Corrected up to 29th July, 2010)

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  • By : Dr. Vasanthageethan